Funded Projects


Sl No Title of the project Funding Agency Amount Status
1 Investigation of hybrid polymer composites using chemically treated curaua and basalt fibers for medium-load applications. DST (International Co-Operations)
Indo-Brazil Bilateral
Around Rs.1 Crore ongoing
2 Synthesis of novel Bifunctional Chelating Agents and Biomolecule- BFCA conjugates for complexation with Copper, Rhenium, Gallium, Technetium and Lutetium radionuclidies for possible applications in Radiopharmaceutical applications BRNS (Board of Research in Nuclear Science) Rs.34 lakhs ongoing
3 Fabrication and analysis of Basalt fibre based companies (as co-investigation) DST Rs. 20,32,000 Completed
4 Investigation on Mechanical properties of Naturally woven coir/Nanoclay reinforced hybrid composites DST (Fast Track) Rs. 14,70,000 Completed
5 For Center for Materials Processing Part of DST(FIST) Rs. 45,00,000 Lab were setup (KLU)
Total for completed projects Rs. 80,02,000