Boys Hostel


Separate hostels are provided for boys and girls. Basic internet is provided in the hostel for students.

Girls Hostel : 

Girls Hostel
Girls Hostel


Total No of Rooms : 30

Warden : Dr. N. Azhagesan, Principal.

Dy Warden : Mrs. P. Anne Jerita, A.P , Physics.

Hostel Manager : Ms. Ezhil Arasi.

Residential Tutor : Ms. Sharmila, A.P, Civil.

Mess inside the hostel for girls. Gym for girls is also available.

Hostel Fee : Rs.46000.00 Per Year

Boys Hostel :

Warden : Dr. N. Azhagesan, Principal.

Dy Warden : Mr. Neelambaran, A.P, ECE.

Way to Boys Hostel
Way to Boys Hostel

Resident Tutor : Mr. Selva Shankar, A.P, EEE.

Assistant Warden : Mr. T. Thangaraj,

Mess Manager : Mr. Pradeep

No of rooms : 119

Separate Gyms and TV halls are available for Boys and Girls in their respective hostels.


Food Menu :

Fridays – Vegetarian food

Non vegetarian food will be in the menu for 5 or 6 days a week.

Once in a year a meeting is held to decide the menu for the students. The participants of the meeting will be Warden(Heads the meeting), Deputy warden(from both hostels), Assistant warden(from both hostels),  Mess Manager, Head Cook and Student representatives (4 boys and 4 girls). The decided menu will be continued till the next meeting (ie., for a year)