Women Empowerment Cell

As per the direction of Anna University, Chennai by its letter bearing No.2502/SA 1/2013 on 15/5/2013 with regard to the security arrangements for girl students and also to ensure a safe environment for girl students and women employees a WOMEN EMPOWERMENT CELL has been established in our College on 27/6/2013.

“I would say India would become a powerful nation only if it secures a woman who would walk through the length and breadth of the country even at midnight without fear”. Remembering these words of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of our nation, we ,CAPE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ,have started a cell for women empowerment.

Objectives of the cell:

  • To educate the environment (teaching and non –teaching) and students towards gender sensitization.
  • To organize programmes on gender sensitization for both boys and girls.
  • To provide a 24 hour helpline and help desk.
  • To strengthen the physical and psychological attitude of women to handle critical circumstances.

Initiative taken:

  • Role plays, street plays, games to be organized to help change the student behavior thereby,helping them to assume a responsible role.
  • Surveillance cameras to be installed in all important and strategic places that can be monitored by the security officials of our college.
  • The girl students are instructed to abstain using short cut paths to reach any destination in the campus ,especially during nights.
  • Making an awareness of the Women’s act and legal consultative for safety and security of women.
  • Creating awareness on the possible different forms of sexual harassment that would be imposed on women by the opposite sex.
  • Providing counseling services to resident and non- resident students.
  • A 24 hour helpline and help desk arranged.

The following dress code for students is desirable:

  • Body fit clothing, transparent or revealing outfits should be avoided.
  • For girls, salwar kumeez with duppatta is advisable.
  • Torn, faded jeans, T shirts should not be allowed.

As per the instructions given by the UGC and the guidelines directed by the Anna University, Chennai, the Women Empowerment Cell of CAPE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY constitutes of the following staff members:

Core Team:Name of the staff:

1 Dr.P.Krishna (Co-ordinator)  HoD Maths
2 Mrs.A,D.Jeyarani Asso.Prof ECE 9487169388
3  Mrs.B.Meena Kumari AP-III English 9944330227
4 Mrs.S.A.Lakshmi AP-III Civil 9486529944
5 Mrs.A.Jeya Sheeba  AP-II CSE 9894211900
6  Mr.V.N.Anbazhagan  AP-III Mech 9952718537
7  Mr.A.Velayutham  AP-III IT 9443595888

Subordinate Team:Name of the staff:

1 Mrs.P. Anne Jerita AP-III Physics & Ladies Hostel Warden 9486658223
2 Mrs.K.Kathika Lekshm AP-II IT 8939960555
3 Mrs.P.Anishya AP-II CSE 9443873143
4 Mrs.R.Reena Daphne AP-II EEE 7373389059
5 Mrs.S.Shenbagavalli AP-I Mechanical 9176955583
6  Mrs.B.Ananthi AP-I ECE 9486133082

24 hour help line numbers:

1 Principal 9486452204
2 Coordinator/HoD Maths
3  Ladies Hostel Warden 9486658223
4 Security Officer 04652-266076, 9442761022,8903782942
5  Security (Main gate) 9360597182
6 Security(Ladies Hostel) 9842732576,9865823026
7 Public Relations Officer 9443845371